At Flint Owl we love bread. More to the point we love organic, long fermented breads made from the finest flours, water and sea salt and that's it. No chemical additives, improvers or fats get anywhere near our doughs. Our breads, croissants and pastries are all handcrafted from scratch and baked in small batch sizes using ingredients that are organic and of only the highest quality. At Flint Owl we don’t believe in cutting corners for the sake of production which we feel translates into breads that are both delicious and wholesome, and also uniquely characterful.

Once baked each morning, our breads and pastries are delivered fresh from our ovens to our very own Flint Owl cafes in Lewes and East Grinstead where the full range of breads, pastries, cakes and lunch items can be enjoyed over a cup of tea or speciality coffee. We also supply some select shops, cafes and restaurants around Sussex.

Our naturally leavened breads - such as our sourdough - are made using a starter or leaven that is over 45 years old and originates from the French Alps. By keeping our leaven fed daily, our starter will keep for many years and provide one of the essential ingredients for thousands of loaves to come. Our sourdoughs are made using a traditional slow fermentation process which can take over 48 hours from flour to finished loaf and involves the skill and experience of our bakers to ensure that every batch is delivered at its very best.

Having grown from small beginnings, Flint Owl now supplies a select number of stockists throughout Sussex and the South East. Our cafes allows us the space to talk to our customers about our bread and to really understand what it is they like and need. Likewise, for our customers it is a place to relax and enjoy our bread, cakes, pastries, sausage rolls and savoury items, salads and quiche's with a cup of tea from Good and Proper Tea, or fine speciality coffee roasted by the prestigious Square Mile.